Rapid Digital Prototyping and 3D Printing (Print Course)

This course presents the benefits of creating digital and physical 3D prototypes in the design process. Several examples describe projects where prototyping assisted in design for land-use, site analysis, safety and sustainability. Three-dimensional prototyping and modeling can help create buildings that are better designed, easier to construct and safer to use.[endshort]

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the ways that creating prototypes can be applied to architecture, engineering and construction for structural and space analysis.
  • Identify the multiple benefits of creating digital and actual prototypes during the design process, including those related to safety in buildings.
  • Recognize the ways that digital and actual prototypes can aid with land-use and site analysis, integration of building systems and sustainability.
  • Explore the ways that rapid prototyping can aid with defining design parameters for code compliance.

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